Paris: Radical Islam the enemy of the Republic


The French Prime Minister said that the enemy of the republic is a political ideology called “radical Islam,” defending the “comprehensive security” law that aims to fight “extremist Islam” without stigmatizing Muslims.

In an interview with the French newspaper “Le Monde,” Jean Castex said: “There is no doubt that there are tensions in society. The text of the” comprehensive law “does not at all require stigmatization or generalization, but rather aims to fight a certain number of unacceptable abuses and attacks on the values ​​of the Republic, and to fight Radical Islam, “the enemy that attacks our values.”

“Radical Islam is simply unbearable. We face an enemy that attacks our values, even that attacks our citizens through terrorist acts, and we all still think about the terrible attack on Samuel Patti or the Nice massacre. We must strengthen ourselves so that we can confront it better.”

He stressed that the government would deal with “encouraging Muslim children to hate” in some northern French cities.

Castex defended the “Comprehensive Security Law,” saying that it “does not contradict the Republic’s values ​​and principles that are based on freedom, justice, and equality and does not want accusations to be blamed on Muslims.”

Source: Le Monde

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