Officially, Pfizer announces hacking of vaccine documents during a cyberattack


Documents related to the Pfizer-Bionic anti-Coronavirus vaccine were exposed for piracy during the European Medicines Agency’s cyber-attack, Pfizer announced Wednesday.

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner Biotech confirmed that documents related to their development of a vaccine against Covid-19 disease “were accessed illegally” in a cyberattack targeting the European Medicines Agency.

The two companies expressed their belief that no personal data of the participants in the experiment had been compromised and that the agency “assured us that the cyber attack would not have any effect on the schedule for its review (the vaccine).”

Officially, Pfizer announces hacking of vaccine documents during a cyberattack.


In a statement, Pfizer said: “It is important to note that neither the Biotech nor the Pfizer system was compromised” in the incident, and “we did not detect piracy of personal data.”

And she continued: “We are awaiting more information from the investigation being conducted by the European Medicines Agency to act appropriately by European law.”

The company added: “Given the meticulous public health considerations and the importance of transparency, we continue to provide clear elements on all aspects of vaccine development and the regulatory pathway.”

And on Wednesday, the European Medicines Agency, which is currently studying allowing the use of several vaccines against Covid-19, announced that it had been subjected to a cyberattack, without giving any details about the attack’s timing or the party that carried out it.

The European Medicines Agency has confirmed that it will announce its decision on conditional approval of the Vise-Biontec vaccine at a meeting held no later than December 29, noting that the vaccine has been approved in the United Kingdom, Bahrain, and Canada.

The cyberattack comes after a series of warnings in recent months of electronic piracy operations related to the pandemic that may target Western laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

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