Cristiano Ronaldo spoke from the heart about Lionel Messi after Barcelona against Juventus


Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed his team’s eligibility to qualify at the top of the group in the Champions League, after winning Barcelona by three, and spoke at the same time about his relationship with Argentine rival Lionel Messi.

Juventus needed to win by 3 goals to snatch the top of Barcelona’s group, who won the Turin match with two unanswered goals.

“We are delighted with this victory; we knew that it was an almost impossible mission,” Ronaldo said in statements reported by the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo. “Coming to the Camp Nou and scoring three goals is very difficult, but we played well, and the key to the match was a good start.”

He added, “In the first 30 minutes, we advanced with two goals, and since then, we had faith that it could happen, and it has happened.”

He continued, “This victory will enhance our confidence. We needed a victory like this against a big team.”

Regarding the first penalty kick, Ronaldo said: “I don’t know if it was a penalty kick or not. I did not see it on television, but this is football.”

He continued: “Sometimes there are no penalty kicks, and sometimes the other way around, and as long as the referee counted them, it seems like a penalty kick, but I do not want to talk about that, because the referee’s mission is very complicated, and when you score three goals at Camp Nou, there is no doubt that you deserve to qualify.” As the leader of the group. ”

His relationship with Messi.

And about his relationship with Argentine Lionel Messi, Ronaldo said: “It has always been amicable. We have been together at award ceremonies for 12, 13, or 14 years. I have never seen him as a competitor. He is trying to provide the best for his team and his country’s national team like me.”

“Football made us compete, but we are dealing very well, and if you ask Leo, he will tell you the same,” he explained.

About Barcelona’s current situation, he said: “It is going through a bad time, but all teams are going through bad periods, and I am sure that they will survive this bad period. They are still Barcelona, ​​the great team.”

He concluded: “I am happy to qualify as the group leader, and I want to continue the good season that I am doing because this year will be difficult, and I want to prepare for the major matches.”

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