A French doctor bequeathed a legacy to the cats of the Hermitage


A French doctor left in his will 3 thousand euros for the cats who live in the basement of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, which has become one of his most prominent symbols, according to what the famous Russian Foundation announced.

The media service of the largest museum in Russia said, “We got this information (about the legacy) this summer. The legal process and procedures are in the last stage today.

The source revealed that the donor was a French doctor who died at fifty-one, named Christophe Batar.
“Our French friend made a remarkable initiative,” the museum’s director, Mikhail Piotrovsky, said during a press conference, suggesting that the money be used to restore the cellar where the cats are spread.

A French doctor bequeathed a legacy to the cats of the Hermitage

The story of the kittens in the Hermitage Museum dates back to the time when Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, daughter of Tsar Peter the Great, issued a decree ordering “to find in Kazan the best and largest cats to catch mice in order to send them to the court of His Majesty.”

Today, the Hermitage includes about 70 cats that repel rodents from this large museum in the former imperial capital of Russia.

During the last ten years, the Hermitage cats have enjoyed fame equal to that of the museum’s works. A celebration is dedicated to it every year.

And “Hermitage”, like most global museums, suffers from the financial repercussions of the emerging Coronavirus crisis that hit Saint Petersburg hard.

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