Pictures .. Triple Leipzig sends Manchester United to the European League


Manchester United left the Champions League from the group stage, after falling 3-2 to Leipzig, Germany, in the match hosted by the Red Bull Arena on Tuesday evening, at the end of the group stage.

Leipzig Angelino (2), Amado Haidara (13), and Justin Kluivert (69) scored a hat-trick, while United’s Bruno Fernandez (80) and Paul Pogba (83) scored goals.

With that result, Leipzig raised its score to 12 points at the top of Group H temporarily and guaranteed qualification for the price of final pricearison, United stuck at 9 points in third place, heading to the European League.

Leipzig began the game strongly with the scoring in the second minute after Sabitzer sent an elaborate line that reached Angelino on the left side of the penalty area without supervision, to hit a powerful ball that landed at De Gea’s net.

Angelino reappeared with another ground shot from the left side of the penalty area, which De Gea caught.

Manchester almost equaled the score quickly in the ninth minute from a quick counterattack led by Greenwood, who reached the penalty area’s boundaries before he hit a ground ball that was blocked by the Galaxy.

Leipzig added the second goal in the third minute after Angelino sent a perfect cross from the left side and arrived at the uncontrolled Hydara to hit a powerful ball that landed in the net.

Leipzig was close to adding the third goal in the 17th minute after Angelino sent across in the penalty area to Forsberg, which was also unattended, in the penalty area, to strike, strangely, a ball that passed near the post.

And Manchester appeared attacking again in the 24th minute, with a cross from Teles from a corner kick, followed by Greenwood with a header over the crossbar.

The mouse technique kept Manchester United’s hopes after canceling a goal in the 30th minute for the Orban player for offside.

Sabitzer hit the ball from the edge of the penalty area in the 45th minute to end the first half, with Leipzig leading two unanswered goals.

With the start of the second half, Solskjaer made the first switch for Manchester United, with Van de Beek going at Tillis’s expense.

And Manchester United got a violation from the penalty area’s borders in the 68th minute, which was implemented by Fernandez with a direct shot that hit the bar.

Kluivert fired a bullet of mercy at Manchester by adding the third goal in the 69th minute, after Angelino sent a cross from the left side, and reached the Dutchman without supervision, amid a lack of focus from Maguire, to be alone and score the ball easily in the net.

McTominay hit a ball from outside the penalty area, which was sent by Galaxy to a corner kick, and then Greenwood hit another ball from the edge of the area, which passed next to the post.

Solskjaer pushed both Williams and Pogba in the 61st minute at the expense of Shaw and Matic.

Rashford tried to surprise Galaxy in the 65th minute with a ground shot from the penalty area’s edge, but his ball passed next to the post.

After Fernandez hit a powerful ball from outside the penalty area, the Galaxy starred in pushing it to a corner kick.

Greenwood returned to hit a powerful ball in the 72nd minute from inside the penalty area, saved by Galaxy.

Fernandez’s missiles continued from the edge of the penalty area, this time in the 74th minute, but the Leipzig goalkeeper continued to shine.

In the 78th minute, Solskjaer pushed Tuanzebe at the expense of Lindelof and Mensah at One Bissaka.

Manchester United got a penalty kick in the 78th minute, Greenwood was handicapped by Konate, and Fernandez successfully executed the kick to the Galaxy’s right.

United added the second goal in the 82nd minute, after Pogba lifted a cross from a corner kick, hitting a header that hit Konate and caught the net.

My client almost scored for United by mistake in his own goal while trying to clear Pogba’s cross, but the Galaxy tackled it, and the match ended with a 3-2 victory for Leipzig.

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