A child kills his mother because of an obsession with Free Fire


The 15-year-old child is obsessed with playing the free fire game. That day, while he was playing his game, he was surprised by his running out of credit from the Internet. He rushed to ask his mother for money to buy a new package for the Internet to continue his game on his phone. The child is obsessed and neglecting his lessons, which angered him and entered into a quarrel with her, which ended by pushing her hard, so she fell and hit her head on the ground, to enter into a coma and die, and her child kept screaming beside her body until the neighbors came and told the police of the accident.

The child is now in the juvenile wing of “Burkays” prison in the suburbs of Fez, Morocco, to confront him with what is attributed to him by the public prosecutor. The matter is related to the crime of manslaughter and intentional harm to the right of assets.

The report revealed that the mother suffered a strong blow to the head’s level, which caused a fracture at the level of the skull and wounds to the scalp, followed by bleeding around the brain tissue.

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