Apple announced over-ear AirPods Max headphones for $ 549


After months of rumors, the confirmations finally came to light. Apple officially announced its first over-ear headphones today.

The Apple AirPods Max offers active noise cancellation, hands-free access to Siri, and all of the current elements of Apple design for the usual high price of $ 549 Apple. Apple says these expensive headphones deliver stunning HD sound, adaptive equalization, and spatial audio in addition to their noise cancellation capabilities.

The dedicated audio design that comes with a powerful H1 chipset and advanced software enables computational audio to deliver an unparalleled personal listening experience wirelessly.

As for the controls on the panel, Apple chose the digital crown inspired by the Apple smartwatch to control the volume and volume, in addition to receiving calls and activating Siri.

The headphones use 10 audio cores per chip, which Apple says offers a great listening experience for Adaptive EQ, noise isolation, transparency, and spatial audio. The gain is also strong thanks to the 40mm trigger.

Apple also uses a dual magnetic drive that keeps overall harmonic distortion at less than 1 percent – even at maximum size.

Adaptive EQ automatically adjusts the low and mid-range frequencies in real-time to calculate the earbuds’ fit and seal. AirPods Max does this by measuring signal output to ensure that no audio detail is missed.

As for noise isolation, each ear has three external microphones that monitor the noise around you, and there is another microphone inside to catch anything that might creep in.

Apple also allows you to share audio with another set of AirPods with one click. All you have to do is bring your AirPods Max near you, and you can listen to the same from a connected iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV 4K.

AirPods Max also has automatic head detection, thanks to optical and position sensors. This means that it will stop automatically when the headset is removed from the ear.

Apple promises to make crystal clear voice calls, and Siri commands via a microphone that focuses on your voice rather than surrounding noise.

AirPods Max also includes automatic device switching, so you can place a call on the iPhone while listening to music on an iPad or Mac.

The headphone battery supports up to 20 hours of high-fidelity music playback time.

The Apple AirPods Max will be available in five colors – gray, silver, blue, green, and pink – and come with it as an accessory case, a case that helps keep the battery charged when you’re not listening.

Apple AirPods Max comes with a one-year warranty, and if the battery is damaged after a year, the user has to pay $ 79 to replace it.

The Apple AirPods Max’s earbuds are magnetically attached, and Apple is working on releasing replacement pads soon for $ 69.

The headset is available for pre-order from today and starts charging to users next week.

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