An Argentine representative calls for a Maradona image on the national currency


Argentine Representative Norma Durango has submitted a bill to the Argentine Congress that aims to print the image of the late footballer Diego Maradona on the national currency.

She said: “The banknote, worth about $ 12.27, will show Maradona’s face on one side, and a picture of his hand that shook England in the World Cup on the other side.”

“The idea is not to honor our most important myth, but also to think about the economic impact. We feel that when tourists come here, they will want to have Maradona with them,” she added.

Maradona’s goal against goalkeeper Peter Shelton was among two goals scored by the legend in the 2-1 victory in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final.

Argentina won the World Cup after Maradona’s repeated creativity, who died on November 25 of heart failure at the age of 60.

Source: “Reuters.”

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