(Video) A police assault on an older woman in Germany becomes a public opinion issue, and security forces are investigating


Activists on social media circulated a video clip showing that a German police officer assaulted a “homeless” elderly woman on the side of the road in the city of Michideh in Germany.

The clip, which was filmed by an eyewitness, showed the presence of a police car and a policeman approaching the woman who was on her bicycle, then pushing her, which led to her falling to the ground and being unable to get up afterward.

The video shows that the officer kicked the bicycle wheel, and the older woman fell to the ground.

Another followed the first statement. The police presented some facts about the incident, saying that at around 11:30 a.m. last Wednesday, a police officer on his patrol noticed a bicyclist in the district police vicinity station the elementary school. However, the policeman addressed the well-known woman in the district. Several times, it did not respond.

For his part, the press spokesman for the district police expressed his regret at what happened, explaining that the police are currently investigating the officer’s behavior.

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