Scottie Pippen’s Critique of “The Last Dance”: What He Said to Michael Jordan About the Chicago Bulls Series


The legendary six-time NBA champion forward highlighted his differences with the documentary and revealed the dialogue he had with MJ on the subject

The documentary series The Last Dance, which portrayed the dynasty of the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman from its last title, was one of the major impacts of 2020 and the same time, marked some differences between the protagonists. The role and the uncomfortable position in which Pip was at certain moments of the story (as at the beginning of the last season in the middle of the salary conflict) were some of the items in the center of the storm.

Journalist Jackie MacMullan had warned that Pippen was “beyond angry” about the documentary. However, in remarks to the AP in late July, the forward had pointed out, “why would something that happened 30 years ago offend me?”. “It was an opportunity for our younger generation who had not seen or known anything about basketball in the 90s,” he said then.

Well, Scottie finally opened her heart and made her dislike of the series public. He did so in an interview with The Guardian. “I don’t think the last dance was that accurate in terms of what exactly was accomplished among the best times in basketball. Also, for two of the best players, but one could put that aside and say that it was the best team of all, “he said about the legendary Bulls. Didn’t you then do justice to that cast perfectly led by Phil Jackson? “It was more about Michael seeking to exalt himself and be glorified,” he struck.

What’s more, Pippen understands that certain pieces of the work do not make MJ look good. “It was counterproductive up to a point since people had the opportunity to see what kind of personality Michael had, ” he highlighted about his competitive spirit, which often pushed his teammates to limits for which they were not ready, or to the use of trash-talking, the foul language to reduce his adversaries psychologically.

Scottie had the opportunity to speak face to face with Jordan, as revealed in the interview. “I told him that I was not very happy. He said, ‘Hey, you’re right.’ That was it,” he concluded.

Beyond the differences, Jordan and Pippen formed one of the most impactful partnerships in sports history. Together they harvested six NBA rings with the Bulls and left an indelible mark on basketball history, green after the series’ premiere.

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