Ronaldo and Messi .. who prevail in direct confrontations with numbers?


Fans of the round witch are eager to watch a confrontation between the Portuguese stars Cristiano Ronaldo, the top scorer of Juventus, and the Argentine Lionel Messi, the captain of Barcelona’s confrontations Spain.

The fans of the two world stars, Ronaldo and Messi, are eagerly waiting for the upcoming match between their teams, Juventus and their host Barcelona, on Tuesday night, at the “Camp Nou” stadium, as part of the final round of the group stage of the European Champions League for this season, to watch a confrontation that may be the last between them during their professional careers.

Ronaldo’s tenure at Real Madrid between (2009-2018) saw fierce competition with Messi, who spent his entire career as a Barcelona shirt.

Tuesday’s match will be the first between the two traditional rivals if they participate, after Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus in the summer of 2018.

The last confrontation with the best players in the world during the past decade, Ronaldo and Messi, dates back to May 6, 2018, when Real Madrid and Barcelona met in an exciting “Clasico,” within the 36th round of the Spanish League, and ended with a two-goal tie for each of the parties. Each of the Portuguese scored The “Madeira missile,” and Messi are targets for their team.

Ronaldo and Messi were supposed to meet for the first time in the Juventus-Barcelona match in the second round of the group stage this season, on October 28. Still, the Portuguese missed the match due to his infection with the new Coronavirus “Covid.” -19.

The following are the most prominent personalities about the confrontations between Ronaldo and Messi in all leagues at the club and national levels:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi met in 35 direct matches, and the Argentine won 16 games, while the Portuguese went out, crowned 10 matches, and tied in 9 other confrontations.

And the Argentine star tended in those confrontations between the two teams, scoring 22 goals at a rate of (0.63) goals per match, in addition to 12 assists.

On the other hand, Ronaldo scored 19 goals, averaged (0.54) goals per match, and provided only one assistance.

Messi also outperformed the “El Clasico” matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona ​​by scoring 20 goals in 30 “Clasico” matches between them, in addition to 11 assists, against 18 goals and one industry for Don Portugal.

The result is also tilted for the Argentine, even in the Champions League matches, the favorite tournament of the Portuguese star, the Champions League’s historical top scorer with 132 goals.

Messi scored 3 goals during 5 previous confrontations between them, while Ronaldo failed to leave any trace.

The total numbers for the two during their professional careers, regardless of the age difference between them, the scale tilts in favor of Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, who won 80 different championships with clubs and teams in 19 seasons, scoring 750 points. Goals in 1029 matches.

Messi, who is about a year and a half younger than his rival and played 17 seasons, won 77 different championships and scored 712 goals in 886 matches.

Therefore, the importance of Tuesday’s match between Barcelona and Juventus for the masses does not lie in the struggle for the first three points in the group, as it focuses on the stars of the two teams Ronaldo and Messi, who are renewed. . Dating face to face after an absence of about two and a half years.

Barcelona and Juventus qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League, where the “Blaugrana” tops the group list with 15 points, 3 points behind the runners-up of champion Pinconeri in the first leg (0-2) at home. Homepage. At the “Allianz” stadium in the absence of scorer Ronaldo.

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