Marriage through the window due to Coronavirus “Romeo and Juliet 2020”


In one of the most expressive images of the year 2020, the image of a unique wedding spread, in which the groom stood at the bottom of the bride’s window, through which she looked to complete the marriage procedures, after she was infected with Coronavirus, in a scene that appears to be taken from the story “Romeo And Juliet “famous.

Patrick and Lauren Delgado had been planning, since 2019, to marry on November 20, 2020, in a ceremony that included at least 170 people, but the new Coronavirus that struck the world prompted them to change the wedding location more than once and made it more difficult to get a license. For marriage.

And because the expiration date of that license was because of expiring on the next day of their planned wedding, the couple were shocked when they discovered that Lauren had contracted “COVID-19” days before the ceremony, forcing them to resort to “an alternative solution.”

In order to complete the marriage, the two abandoned the big ceremony, so Patrick stood under the window of Lauren’s room in her mother’s house in California, USA, where she isolated herself, so she appeared from the window wearing a white dress.

10 members of their family and friends attended the marriage ceremony, during which the vows and the two seals were exchanged. The couple hopes to have a big party after the epidemic crisis ends.

Wedding photographer Jessica Jackson commented on the simple ceremony, saying, “I am thrilled that Patrick and Lauren could find a creative way to complete their marriage.”

And she continued: “This was one of the most weddings I have seen, embodying the year 2020,” according to “Fox 5 Atlanta,”.

Source: Sky News

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