Exotic dress that can be worn in 11 different ways


The designs of the pockets on the dresses are the most exciting things that may be added to women’s fashion, but one of those dresses is a very clever creation, after the designer turned it into a dress that can be worn in 11 different shapes.

The 22-year-old Nigerian fashion designer, Uyenda Akinfenwa, has created the ultimate “multi-use design” concept in a dress that can be worn for anywhere and any occasion.
Uyenda designs feature in some of her dresses that they can be worn in 11 different ways, making them the perfect staple for many different occasions.
Although there were already dresses that were versatile and could be worn for different occasions, Oyinda’s options were much more diverse than the concept as we know it.
Nigerian designer Uwinda herself taught creative fashion design, and opened her own clothing line – Janore – to present her various creations to the public.

Versatile dresses

The idea first came to her when she realized that not everyone is fond of wearing tight dresses, so Uyenda began experimenting with additional materials such as pockets to see how to use them to cover certain areas.
And she ended up with many ways in which to design multiple elements, and Gallia owns Uyenda a small company that ships dresses all over the world, with prices starting at $ 40 (over 600 EGP).
“We always pay attention to carefully designing dresses, because one mistake can spoil the entire look … so it takes a lot of math operations for the dress to work perfectly, and it is designed in several ways,” Uyenda told Metro newspaper.
One might expect that with all the variations comes a great difficulty in designing, however, assuring that each element has a minimum of fabric so that people do not feel confused or cramped.
For some dresses, there are additional materials but there are some materials that I make sure that no additional sleeve or fabrics need to be added to them, which is very difficult to understand and design.
She added, “The start of this work was not planned, but I tried a dress and felt what if I could design it and wear it in a different way? I tried it and it worked so I posted it and people thought it was cool, then I kept trying and made my dream come true.”

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