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China: Several countries have exported the Coronavirus to us and we have evidence of that

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A year after the emergence of the new Coronavirus, China confirmed that the origin of the virus is not Wuhan, but the epidemic was exported to it through frozen food sourced from other countries around the world.

According to an investigation published by the Chinese newspaper “Global Times”, the Coronavirus to the seafood market in Wuhan last year may be an “Australian source.”

Since October, Beijing has defended the theory of the origin of the virus outside its borders, after experts tracking the outbreak in Qingdao – eastern China, found live samples of the Coronavirus in imported frozen codfish packages.

The Chinese newspaper said that the Coronavirus has been proven in products imported from several countries, such as frozen meat coming from Brazil, Germany, and Australia, Chilean cherries, and Ecuadorian seafood.

“Global Times” cited a study by the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in October, which confirmed the possibility of COVID-19 surviving on frozen food packages for a long period.

The study of the Chinese Center contradicts a statement of the World Health Organization, in which it said that the virus can live for a long time in conditions of cold storage, but that this happens in rare and special cases.

The newspaper continued to list data that support the hypothesis of the external origin of Corona and added that customs data showed that Hubei Province, which contains Wuhan, witnessed a 174% increase in imports of frozen products in 2019, compared to the previous year.

Western researchers and scholars confirm that China’s claims about the source of the Coronavirus are “unfounded”, confirming that they are based on speculations, hypotheses, and limited research without scrutiny and looking at a broader set of evidence that proves the opposite.

Source: alghad tv

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