America: A judge prevents the Ministry of Commerce from imposing restrictions on the “Tik Tok” application


Late Monday, a second US judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing the Commerce Department from imposing restrictions on the application of “TikTok” owned by the Chinese company “ByteDance,” which would lead to the application’s suspension work in the United States.

Reuters reported that the decision issued by US District Court Judge Carl Nichols in Washington comes more than a month after another judge in Pennsylvania banned the restrictions that were to take effect on November 12th.

Previously, Judge Nichols, on September 27th, prevented the Ministry of Commerce from banning the application on “Google” and “Apple” products.

US President Donald Trump had signed two decrees against the famous video trading app in the summer; one signed on August 14 forcing BiteDance to sell US TikTok activities within 90 days on the grounds of US national security.

Washington – (Reuters):

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