“We will win the elections” … Trump participates in the first election rally after the elections


During his participation, US President Donald Trump said Saturday evening, in the state of Georgia in the first electoral rally after the presidential poll, that he would win the elections that the president-elect, Joe Biden, had won about a month ago.

“We are winning this election,” the US president, whose term is nearing the end, assured hundreds of supporters gathered in the open air in Valdosta.

“They will try to convince us that we lost. We did not lose,” he added, amid chants.

Despite Trump’s unprecedented attack on the US election system, which was deemed to be no longer valid, his legal team has not yet succeeded in presenting any evidence accepted by the courts of fraud in the presidential election.

According to the American network “CBS,” Trump used his speech to promote his allegations of election fraud, instead of focusing on supporting the Georgia Senate candidates, Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, before the state’s House reelection on January 5th.

Trump has confirmed that he has won the Georgia election, even though the state had officially confirmed Biden’s victory.

Trump repeatedly obtained 74 million votes in the election, saying that it was the number that no other president had received, even though his rival Biden had won the last election with a total of more than 80 million votes.

The Trump campaign had filed a new case in Georgia courts to nullify the election results in the state, despite losing many similar cases in other states.

Attendees responded to Trump’s allegations of election fraud, chanting from time to time “another four years” and “Stop theft.”

Despite this, Trump’s speech was not without hinting at losing the presidential elections, even if it was not his intention.


France Press

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