TRUMP: I will not admit my defeat, I will win the presidential election


Outgoing US President Donald Trump told a crowd of his supporters in Georgia that he will win the presidential election, despite his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump continued his allegations of fraud in the presidential elections and extended to include the congressional elections, where he said that the presidential elections were rigged, “but we will win it, and we will go to the Supreme Court soon.”

He added that there are other attempts to rig the run-off election for the two Georgia state seats.

Trump added, “I would have acknowledged my loss in the presidential election, but I cannot do that because it was rigged.”

Trump accused Democrats of rigging the two Georgia state Senate seats in the runoff election.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump went to Georgia to participate in a rally of his Valdosta supporters. American media said that the “victory march” hosted by the Republican National Convention is scheduled to begin at Valdosta Airport.

Trump will appear at the event with Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, both of whom will face crucial run-off races in January, in Trump’s first political rally since losing to his re-election bid the presidential election won by his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

The visit comes amid escalating tensions in the Republican Party in Georgia after President-elect Joe Biden won the election. Trump continued to make unfounded allegations of voter fraud in Georgia and attacked election officials from his party. His lawyers filed a lawsuit demanding the election results be annulled.

Sources close to the governor said he pressed Governor Brian Kemp on Saturday in a private phone call to hold a special legislative session in Georgia to cancel Biden’s victory, but Kemp refused.

A federal appeals court rejected a Republican attorney’s lawsuit to block the declaration of elected US President Joe Biden as the winner of the Georgia presidential election.

The court said that the attorney supporting US President Donald Trump did not have the legal capacity to file a lawsuit against the election results in Georgia, with Biden leading Trump by about 12,000 votes.

This decision comes within a series of blows suffered by US President Donald Trump’s campaign, as courts rejected similar lawsuits questioning the election results in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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