Trump confirms his victory … and pledges to prevent “Senate” fraud


US President Donald Trump has said he will win the elections, which his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, decided about a month ago.

He added during his participation, on Saturday evening, in Georgia in the first electoral rally after the presidential poll: “If I had lost in the elections, I would simply admit it, but I cannot accept defeat in rigged elections,” as he put it.

“We are winning this election,” the US president assured to hundreds of supporters who gathered in the open air in Valdosta.

He continued, “Those responsible for rigging the presidential elections will try to do the same in the Senate elections, but we will fight to prevent this.”

Despite Trump’s unprecedented attack on the US election system, which he considered no longer valid, his legal team has not yet succeeded in presenting any evidence accepted by the courts of fraud in the presidential elections.

In Georgia, Trump is to participate, to support Georgia’s senators, David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, who face the highly competitive January run-off election that will determine which party will dominate the Senate.

The two senators failed to secure an absolute majority in November, forcing them to hold a run-off against the Democratic opponents.

Trump’s allegations of widespread fraud in the November election put many Republicans in limbo.

Trump had called on Georgia’s Republican governor to cancel the January 5th elections.

Trump’s conspiracy theories about fraud have also caused internal strife among Republicans in Georgia, with some prominent party members saying the speech was causing harassment and threatening violence.

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