the policeman pulls a pistol at his colleague in front of passers-by


A video clip, spread on social media, showed a policeman branding a pistol in the face of another policeman, amidst astonishment by bystanders.

Activists said that the incident took place in Brasilia’s Brazilian capital and that the gun owner was angry because his colleague was five minutes late.

The video sparked widespread interaction on Twitter and other communication platforms.

And the policeman who was threatened appeared in the video, keeping his nerve together, before he became excited and pushed his colleague back, trying to remove the weapon from his hand.

According to the Brazilian website UOL, the policeman, Felipe de Nascimento, was already late in returning from the break, which caused the anger of his colleague, Simao de Oliveira Matias, as the delay would deprive him of the opportunity to eat his lunch as well.

According to the newspaper, de Nascimento was arrested for the crime of threatening and violence using a weapon, and he will be transferred to the Romao Gómez military prison.

The police said that what happened “directly violates the institution’s basic values, especially discipline.”

She commented on the video, saying, “Just wearing a uniform does not give you respect. Disgusting behavior.”

Another said, “Another soldier was promoted to the militia and bank robbery.”

Another said, “I leave the address (of the video) to you.” 


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