New Year’s Eve parties in Dubai 2021… Here are the most prominent destinations

A side of Burj Khalifa's dazzling New Year's Eve show
A side of Burj Khalifa’s dazzling New Year’s Eve show


This festive season, Dubai has a magical touch, with dozens of distinctive entertainment shows and concerts by the most prominent stars.

Dubai has the distinction of being one of the most vibrant destinations in the world, but the most famous tourist destination for its large variety of tourist attractions spread everywhere in the city.

In the season of Christmas and New Year holidays, Dubai has a different flavor and a magical touch, as it is full of dozens of distinctive entertainment shows and concerts by the most prominent stars.

The city is burning with the bustling atmosphere and various activities that suit adults and children and steal their hearts, as we review them in the following report:

Schedule of New Year 2021 celebrations in Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

One of the most famous landmarks of the UAE, the tallest skyscraper in the world with a length of 828 meters, which is in the middle of Dubai, witnessed on New Year’s Eve distinguished activities that millions of people around the world await.

Emaar, the developer of the tower, celebrates New Year’s Eve 2021 with spectacular fireworks displays and laser lights, which are complemented by dazzling Burj Khalifa fountain shows.
Whether they’re in Downtown Dubai or watch them online or on TV from all over the world, these delightful shows can be enjoyed by everyone.

The area surrounding the tower also witnesses dozens of distinctive parties in the various hotels and restaurants scattered on the “Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard” and the waterfront promenade adjacent to the “Dubai Fountain” and “Burj Park” and “Burj Plaza”, most of which are located in ideal locations to watch the most amazing light shows and fireworks. Above the facade of the “Burj Khalifa”.

2. Global Village

Celebrations of the festive season in Global Village begin early, starting in the second week of December 2020, to allow visitors to enjoy the largest range of shows and entertainment parties during the festive period.

The “Global Village” also gives shopping lovers the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of buying and owning the most original gifts in the city, with more than 3,500 stores and 26 suites.

As for taste lovers, they are on a date with discovering the most beautiful foods from all over the world and enjoying fireworks, special shows and exciting experiences in the largest amusement park in the region, while taking the most wonderful pictures of Christmas in the company of Santa Claus.

Global Village includes a theme park and markets for products from around the world, and it travels with visitors to more than 78 global civilizations.

As for the “Festival Park”, which brings together different cultures, during the New Year 2020 celebrations, visitors can discover different parts of the world within a few hours. The country pavilions are distinguished by designs that reflect their most beautiful tourist and heritage attractions.

3. Burj Al Arab and Palm Island 

One of the special places to enjoy New Year’s Eve 2021 parties in Dubai, and watch the fireworks displays in the heart of Madinat Jumeirah, which offers one of the most beautiful and largest light game shows.

Burj Al Arab is famous as the third tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world, and is classified as a 7-star hotel with the finest and finest designs, as it was built in the form of a sail on the beach of Jumeirah, to stand tall as the lighthouse of modern Dubai.

The “Kite Beach” is the best destination for watching shows on the front of the famous tower.

4. The Palm Fountain

The newly opened fountain, the largest in the world, presents a number of water-dancing musical performances to celebrate the New Year.

The Pointe, the authority responsible for the fountain, said on its website that it is preparing to celebrate the festive season and New Year 2021, starting Friday and Saturday 11 December 2020.

The fountain is located at “The Point” on the island of Palm Jumeirah, and has 128 super-powerful pumps that push water high into the sky to a height of 105 meters, over an area of 14 thousand square meters which is submerged by sea water and radiates at night by the lights of 3000 (LED) lights and equipped with tools to control the degree of color and luster.

5. Atlantis Hotel

The Atlantis Hotel, which is located at the Palm Island head in Dubai, promises its visitors the happy and special season of 2021 Christmas and New Year celebrations, with a huge raft of preparations for a cheerful time throughout December.

The hotel stated, on its website, that Christmas at Atlantis is a distinctive and magical occasion, as the halls are decorated with joyful celebrations, and Santa roams all over the resort, in addition to providing delicious Christmas dinners and a lot of events and picturesque shows that suit all family members.

The Atlantis building is characterized by its attractive modern design, which simulates what looks like a huge gateway to the emerald beaches that surround the hotel. The place is famous for its huge water park and Dolphin Bay.

6. Public beaches

Public beaches in various places in Dubai are preparing to welcome the New Year with a host of fun activities. The celebration area covers the beaches extending from “JBR” to Umm Suqeim and the Jumeirah area.

JBR Beach will receive a huge number of fireworks displays along the beach during New Year’s celebrations in 2021 in Dubai, and it is scheduled to start at midnight on the first of January.

Dubai’s public beaches receive thousands of visitors each year on New Year’s Eve, who come to enjoy a festive night full of stunning views between the sea and the magical fireworks.

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