Famous soccer team players arouse the anger of the crowd by kneeling on their knees


After 8 months of absence under ban rules, England’s Millwall and County Derby team are back on the pitch in a fierce showdown, but their comeback has been controversial.

Millwall fans booed and angered the players after they kneeled in a salute of support and appreciation for the “Black Lives Matter” movement to combat racism and discrimination.

In the presence of two thousand fans to watch the championship confrontation against the “Derby County” team inside the stadium, as the region falls within Level 2 of the precautionary government restrictions against the Coronavirus.

Millwall and Derby County players bowed on their knees moments before kick-off on Saturday, angering fans and mocking them. At the same time, their team insisted on fighting racism without paying attention to the disapproval.

Premier League club players continue to pay their respects to the Black Lives Matter movement before each match begins to raise awareness of racism and combat discrimination.

The Millwall fans did not like it; however, as as the players bowed, the Millwall fans were booed and mocked in the stands.

Before the match, Millwall’s manager Gary Roy and his players issued a statement insisting they would continue to honor the Black Lives Matter movement.

And despite possible reactions from fans who returned to the stadium for the first time at the end of this week, the statement affirmed: “We fully support the efforts made to rid sport and society of all forms of discrimination.”

He added, “It is our duty to reinforce positive messages .. for us, kneeling does not in any way represent any agreement with political or ideological messages … it is only a matter of addressing discrimination and combating racism.”

Some Premier League clubs have already decided to stop the kneeling initiative, including Queens Park Rangers and Coventry City.

“It’s not Ferdinand,” said QPR’s director of football at Queens Park Rangers, “that football has given what it has to support the Black Lives Matter movement, but the effect is now diminishing, so continuing to kneel will not add anything new.”

The former Newcastle, United and Tottenham striker added, “The kneeling initiative was powerful, but we feel that the impact has waned now … as is the song” Clap For Carers “which was very emotional for all of us, but we had reached a phase of waning and weakening until it stopped right now.”

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