Egypt: A minor couple commits suicide one month after their wedding


Today, Sunday, Egyptian media revealed the details of a wife’s suicide by jumping from her apartment on the fourth floor in the Haram area, and her husband joined her, by jumping in the same way and from the same place, to meet the same fate.

The investigations of the General Directorate of Investigations in Giza, south of the capital, Cairo, indicated that the head of the pyramid department received a report from the emergency police stating that a girl’s body was found. After a fall from a high place, an injured man reported later that he had died before Egyptian media.

The investigations concluded that the wife’s suicide came after repeated marital disputes, although only a month had passed since her marriage.

The website “Al Youm Al Sabea” stated that the husband had not passed 17, while the wife was 15 years old, and they were married through a contract drawn up by a lawyer.

According to the “seventh day,” investigations attributed the wife’s suicide to family disputes, as the husband prevented his wife from leaving the house. Hence, the latter went to the kitchen to take a knife.

When her husband’s mother, who was staying with them, tried to intervene, the wife hit her in the face, so that the husband hit her, which made her jump out of the window, and as soon as he was sure she was killed, the husband went up to his apartment and threw himself out of the window.

The prosecution ordered the couple’s bodies’ burial after writing a full report on the death causes and circumstances. According to the Al-Ahram newspaper website, the prosecution also requested the security services’ investigations about the incident.

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