The name of the Napoli metro station changed to Maradona


Not only was the San Paolo Stadium renamed the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium as announced today by the City Council, but the metro station has also become Maradona and part of the Naples Museum.

The local council quickly ended the procedures for launching the name Maradona at the southern club’s stadium, a few days after the death of the legend at the age of 60 years.

This was not the only honor; after that, the name of the Cumana metro station was changed to Mostra-Stadio Maradona Station, in honor of the Bartinope miracle.

A private museum in Maradona stadium

The metro station has become filled with graphics and images from Maradona’s football career, making it more like a museum, with artworks along the walls featuring special moments from his history with Naples.

Reports stated that there are plans to build a museum of Naples inside the stadium to include many of the items and items that fans and fans left outside the stadium gates after hearing the news of Diego’s death.

The unveiling ceremony of the metro station’s name change was attended by President Aurelio de Laurentiis and current Nigerian striker and star Victor Osmin.

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