Salma El-Shimi: Many men came to me, but I am not thinking of getting married


Model “Salma El-Shimi,” the owner of the pharaonic dress photography session in Saqqara, said that many young people applied to get married as soon as they appeared through the most famous photo session on social media in recent days.

Salma El-Shimi explained to “Echo of the Country” that she is not thinking about marriage now and would like to focus on her work as a model. She aspires to enter the field of acting when she finds the appropriate opportunity.

Salma Al-Shimi indicated that her beauty is divine and not, as some claim, that she underwent any plastic surgery, pointing out that her origins go back to Mansoura, which is characterized by girls’ beauty.

The model, “Salma Al-Shimi,” sparked widespread controversy after her appearance in a photo session in the ancient Saqqara area, which was widely circulated in recent days, as she faced many criticisms and praises of her beauty from the pioneers of social media.

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