Russia begins mass vaccination against Corona with the Sputnik-V vaccine


Source: Reuters


The task force on the Coronavirus in Moscow said that the Russian capital today, Saturday, began distributing doses of the Sputnik-V vaccine against Covid-19 to 70 hospitals, in the first mass vaccination against the disease in Russia.

The team said that the Russian-made vaccine would be available first to doctors and other medical workers, teachers, and social workers because they are most vulnerable to the disease. “You work in an educational institution, and you have priority in the Covid-19 vaccine, free of charge,” said a text message received early today, Saturday, and seen by Reuters on the phone of a primary school teacher.

Moscow, the epicenter of the outbreak in Russia, recorded 7,993 new cases of the virus during the night, up from 6,868 cases the previous day, which is a daily rate much higher than the rate recorded in early September was about 700 cases per day.

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