On the International Day of the Bermuda Triangle … the truth of the secrets around it and why it was called the “Throne of Satan”


Today, Saturday, December 5, falls on the International Day of the Bermuda Triangle, which is a geographical area in the form of a parallelogram, which includes an area of ​​one million square kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean, and is also called the “Devil’s Throne Triangle”; Because there are some rumors that have spread about the region, indicating the occurrence of disappearances and dangers in it.

The most prominent secrets about the Bermuda Triangle 

It is an imaginary region that is not on the map, especially after the “Associated Press” published an article in 1950 about the disappearance of a flight carrying the number 19, and from here began talking about the disappearance of many other flights.

In 1945, a strange incident occurred, when 6 American fighters disappeared in the area, and when a rescue team was sent to them; The team also disappeared, strangely enough, before the disappearance; “Everything looks strange here, even the ocean,” explained one of the pilots.

306 Americans were also lost in 1918, as this number was considered the largest number lost by the United States in the Naval Fleet outside the wars.

There is the Dragon Triangle, on the opposite side of the Bermuda Triangle, and it is similar in some things to a large extent, as about 700 people were lost within the area within two years, and the danger of this place was discovered in 1950.

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Solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

And some scientists succeeded in solving the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle in 2016. After several attempts to solve this mysterious secret, where the presence of hexagonal clouds was reached, causing very fast winds, reaching 273 km per hour, and this is the reason for the disappearance of all aircraft and ships during the previous years.

And according to scholars’e

explanations The winds form some clouds known as air bombs, where winds reach a height of 13 km, and wind speeds in the sea reach 170 miles per second, all of this led to the destruction of planes, the destruction of ships, and the occurrence of explosions, and indeed the researchers monitored pictures from the agency. NASA space, confirms the presence of hexagonal clouds present in that region.

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