Mercato – PSG: An obstacle of 100M € for Lionel Messi!


Paris Saint-Germain would not be in the best of Lionel Messi’s positions, whose contract with FC Barcelona ends in June 2021.

Paris Saint-Germain will not be in the best spots of Lionel Messi, whose contract with FC Barcelona expires in June 2021.

Neymar’s words on the sidelines of Paris Saint-Germain’s victory over Manchester United (1-3) created a real tidal wave.
The Brazilian star opened the door wide open to his former teammate Lionel Messi, whose contract with Barcelona expires next June, making the various presidential candidates interact.
From now on, Messi’s potential arrival in Paris Saint-Germain does not seem impossible, given that several media outlets have referred to Barcelona’s economic difficulties.

However, Paris Saint-Germain wouldn’t necessarily be better. According to reports from La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Paris Saint-Germain is going through the worst economic crisis in its history. Admittedly, it is expected to record a loss of at least 100 million euros by the end of the season.
Lionel Messi’s contract expires in June, so he can arrive without spending any transfer fees. However, on the other hand, his salary and the various expenses revolving around his signature would be a considerable obstacle. For La Gazzetta, the only thing that can help Paris Saint-Germain reopen the stadiums in January to revive the club’s business and thus limit losses.

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