A road full of skulls and bones discovered in Siberia


Police are investigating a “road of bones” that appeared in Siberia after discovering a human skull and bones on a highway in the Irkutsk region.

The horrific accident occurred after city crews cleared roads of sand-covered ice containing bones from the ground near a local cemetery.

The skull is believed to be around 100 years old. Pictures have been published online that show frozen bones and a skull on the surface of a road in the Siberian city of Kerensky, about 5,400 kilometers east of Moscow.

Nikolai Trofanov, a local politician from the ruling United Russia party, denounced the incident in a Facebook post, writing: “In Kerensky, sands containing skulls and bones were placed on the roads. According to preliminary information, municipal workers took sand from the area near the cemetery. I can even describe how ugly it is. I hope law enforcement will investigate what happened as soon as possible. ”

He added that he would “ensure that the perpetrators are punished.”

According to state radio, the remains may have come from an area near a burial site dating back to the Russian Civil War.

The discovery drew parallels with another great road – the 1,250-mile-long Kolyma Road in Siberia built by the Gulag workers under Stalin. Around 250,000 people are thought to have died during the construction of the Yakutsk-Magadan highway.

Russian media sources stated that the remains found in Kerensk were collected, and work was halted on the road. At the same time, the region’s Ministry of Interior opened an investigation into the accident.

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