A message reveals a shocking truth before the Corona vaccine was distributed in Britain


A letter to senior medical officials in Britain revealed that the vaccine’s effect on the number of “Covid 19” patients would be “minimal.” This message came two days before the start of the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccine in Britain.

The message stressed that the Coronavirus “would not disappear from Britain” with the start of the distribution of the “Pfizer” and “Biotech” vaccine scheduled “next Tuesday,” amid warnings that “the winter months will be harsh.”

And many around the world were cheered by the successive news of the discovery of vaccines against the Coronavirus, which has infected more than 66 million people so far.

However, a group of senior medical officials wrote a letter to health services workers in Britain, stating that the effect of distributing the vaccine would be “marginal” on the number of patients during the winter, as Sky News Arabia reported on Saturday.

The official message said that the “Covid 19” disease would keep Britain’s hospitals under constant pressure in the coming months, warning that the festive gatherings on birthdays are likely to increase the pressure on the health sector, which requires maintaining a state of preparedness.

She added, “Winter is always a difficult time for the health and social care sector, and this winter, in particular, will be more difficult with (Covid 19).”

And she said, “The positive vaccine news means that we can look forward to the year 2021 with greater optimism, but the distribution of the vaccine will lead to a minimal impact in terms of reducing the infected people who need health services attention, during the next three months at least.”

Although the recent closures and adherence to measures have contributed to reducing the spread of the epidemic in Britain, the rate of injuries requiring hospital treatment and deaths will likely remain high until the pre-spring period, according to the letter.

British government ministers said that 800,000 doses of the vaccine would be available this week, with priority given to health sector employees and the elderly in the eighties and over.

On Tuesday, Britain will begin distributing the “Pfizer” and “Biotech” vaccine, to be followed by the United States and several other countries this December, while Russia, on Saturday, began distributing the “Sputnik” vaccine in Moscow.

The British government announced the registration of 504 new deaths from the Coronavirus and 16,298 cases of infection, compared to 414 deaths and 14,879 injuries the previous day.

The total number of virus deaths in Britain is 60,617 cases, out of about 1.7 million infections.

Source: Agencies

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