VIDEO – United States: passenger plane lands on highway and crashes into car


Wednesday evening, in Minneapolis (United States), the pilot of a passenger plane had to land urgently on a highway. If the aircraft struck a vehicle on the expressway at the end of its travel, the accident caused no casualties.

The images, which loop on social networks, are impressive. On Wednesday evening, drivers on the 35WS interstate highway were frightfully surprised to see a small passenger plane arrive at full speed in the middle of the expressway, before stopping its race miraculously, reports La Dépêche.

After suffering an engine failure in mid-flight, the plane had no choice but to make an emergency landing on the Minnesota highway. Its pilot, seasoned Craig Gifford, said he had landed the machine “where it was safest to land.”

The pilot is a bronze medalist at the 2017 aerobatic world championships.

Despite all the dexterity of this 52-year-old pilot, an emeritus member of the American aerobatic team, and bronze medalist at the 2017 world championships, the plane ended its race by hitting an SUV car on the highway.

Fortunately, the accident did not result in any casualties, and the driver, although in shock, invited the two passengers on the plane to take refuge in her car while waiting for help to arrive.

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