The White House Communications Director resigns


Washington – (AFP):

On Friday, White House Communications Director Elissa Farah announced her resignation from her post, in what appears to be a tacit admission of Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election.

“After an amazing three and a half years, I will leave the White House to devote myself to other projects,” wrote Farah, a spokeswoman for Vice President Mike Pence and then a spokeswoman for the Pentagon, before assuming her current position.

“I am very proud of the amazing things that have been achieved to make our country stronger and safer,” she added, without mentioning Trump, who leaves power on January 20.

Since the November 3 elections, which Joe Biden won according to preliminary indications, and Trump has refused to acknowledge the outcome so far, Farah has been completely conservative, contrary to what White House spokeswoman Kylie McKinani did, who was relentlessly reporting Trump’s accusations of fraud in the presidential vote. Without providing evidence for that.

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