Moscow launches an online booking service for Corona vaccine


Today, Friday, Moscow launched a service to book appointments for vaccination against Corona disease via the Internet, two days after President Vladimir Putin called for vaccinations on a large scale.

The Sputnik V vaccine is injected in two doses, and it is one of two Russian vaccines that have received approval from national regulators despite incomplete clinical trials.

And interim trials showed the vaccine’s effectiveness by 92% in preventing disease.

On Thursday, TASS news agency quoted Anna Popova, head of the Consumer Health Watch, as saying that there are ten vaccines under development in Russia.

The Moscow Mayor’s website said that city residents can register themselves to receive the vaccination for free at 70 points distributed across the city, with appointments starting on Saturday.

The first available appointments are for social welfare workers, doctors, and teachers between the ages of 18 and 60 years old, whether they are in governmental or private institutions. Any Moscow resident with an online account can book an appointment, but the site requires showing evidence of the job.

“For other Muscovites, free vaccination will be available at a later time,” the website said.

On Friday, Russia announced the registration of 27,403 new infections with the Coronavirus, including 6868 cases in Moscow, which raises the total number of infections to two million and 402949.

The authorities also monitored 569 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the official number of deaths nationwide to 42,176 since the start of the pandemic.

Russian news agencies quoted the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Anastasia Rakova, as saying that over 20 thousand people in Moscow had been injected with the Sputnik vaccine, 273 of whom it infected with the virus.

She said that the Ministry of Defense will receive 100,000 doses of vaccine, sufficient for 50,000 soldiers, this month.

Source: Alghad TV

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