FIFA announces the 2021 Club World Cup in Japan


On Friday, FIFA announced the establishment of the FIFA Club World Cup 2021, in Japan instead of China, with the old tournament system.

FIFA stated in a statement that the 2021 edition of the FIFA Club World Cup will be held in Japanese stadiums, with the seven-team system instead of 24, as was scheduled before the Corona pandemic.

The tournament was supposed to be expanded to include the participation of 24 teams, before FIFA postponed the event indefinitely, in order to reschedule Euro 2020 and Copa America 2020, the two tournaments that were postponed because of the repercussions of Corona.

In February, the Qatari territories will host the FIFA Club World Cup 2020 edition with no change, with the participation of Al-Ahly, the African Champions League champion, and Bayern Munich, the European champion.

Source: Anatolia

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