A proclamation of mourning at Buckingham Palace after the death of Queen Elizabeth’s dog


The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said today, Friday, that Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Britain, declared mourning at Buckingham Palace after the death of one of her favorite dogs.

“Vulcan,” a dog from the “Dorje” hybrid family of “Dash Hound” and “Corgi,” died weeks ago in Windsor, Britain, according to sources, according to “Daily Mail.”

The dog “Vulcan” has gained wide fame in Britain because it is considered Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dog since 2007 and has appeared with him on many occasions.

The sources said that Queen Elizabeth announced a state of mourning and is now experiencing a period of intense grief with her only dog, “Candy,” who is also a member of the “Dorje” family.

In 2018, the Queen lost the dog “Willow,” a member of the “Dorje” family as well, which was her favorite dog of the three dogs, because he was the 14th grandson of the dog “Susan,” which the Queen received as a gift on her eighteenth birthday in 1944 when the British Queen had 30 A dog of this breed during her reign.

In 2016, “Vulcan” and “Candy” alongside “Willo” appeared on the cover of “Vanity Fair” American magazine in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

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