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“You will not know her” .. A shocking picture of model Salma El-Shimi in prison after her arrest, and this is her fate!

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A shocking photo of the Egyptian model Salma El-Shimi, the “heroine,” spread on social networking sites of the exciting photo session in the pyramids area.

The photo shows Salma Al-Shimi during her arrest at the Public Prosecution Office after her arrest. She appeared without makeup and in a shocking and completely different state when she appeared in the photo session that led her to prison.

Today, Wednesday, the Public Prosecution decided to release Al-Shimi, famous for his “Saqqara Model,” and Hussam Muhammad, the photographer of the controversial photo session, with a bail of 1,000 thousand pounds. Pending investigations.

“Salma” said that she did not know the rules of filming in the archaeological areas, and adhered to the instructions of the workers, and did not violate or deceive them and that she obtained the pictures from “Hussam.” After publishing them, she was surprised by how much controversy arose around her.

In the investigations, the photographer said that he received 1,000 pounds for the photo session and confirmed that the filming was done with the knowledge of the workers in the archaeological area and that some of them were watching the photo session.

Investigations revealed that the defendants entered the archaeological area of Saqqara last Wednesday, after cutting 3 tickets, and the girl was wearing a black cloak underneath the “Pharaonic” clothes of Queen “Cleopatra.”

The investigations added that the girl took off the cloak in the filming area, and the photographer began to take pictures, and the photo session lasted approximately 15 minutes.

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