The houses that nobody wants to buy even for 1 euro


Buying real estate is one of the biggest projects of a life, which requires a lot of thought and… a hell of a budget! Well, imagine that there are in certain corners of the globe, houses that nobody would even buy for 1 euro! Yes, yes, they do exist!

Despite their beauty, size, and architecture, these houses scare everyone away for some bizarre reasons and even worthy of Hollywood movies. Today it’s the “Houses for sale” version of Lama Faché, with a subtle mixture of horror and humor! Let’s go!

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Buying a house is an exciting event, but it’s all about having the means to maintain it! Updown Court is a California-style mansion to be found in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England. It has 103 rooms, a bowling alley, five swimming pools, a sauna, a library, and a tennis court.

The most expensive house in the world

The large house also has a 50-seat cinema room, a wine cellar, a football pitch, an equestrian court, a sumptuous 230,000 m² garden, and finally, a garage spacious enough to accommodate eight cars.

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For a long time, it was the most expensive house in the world and took more than 6 years to be sold for 40 million euros when it was worth 103!

You probably wonder who could have spent such a large amount of money on a mansion, which charges at least 28 1558 euros each year just for maintenance ?! It is ultimately a “very” rich Indian businessman who bought it!

  • A 114-year-old mansion, the house no one wants to buy.

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Beware, what you’re about to learn now is far from a joke: a man sells a historic 114-year-old mansion for just $ 10. And it does not stop there!

The owner was so generous that he offered to offer $ 10,000 for the buyer’s moving costs!

The secret behind the mansion

This 4000 m² mansion is located in New Jersey, on 2.7 acres of lush green lawns. It was built by local architect Dudley S. Van Antwerp in 1906 and contained 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

But behind this beautiful house hides a fascinating story and of course a secret. Surely there is a valid and logical reason for selling a large mansion at such a low price. I won’t leave you in this suspense for long, so here is the explanation for such a decision:

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The most recent resident who lived in the mansion was Aubrey Lewis, the first African-American captain to join a football team at Notre Dame University, and who would later become an FBI agent.

This then explains the fact that the manor is part of the protected objects of the historical heritage.

Moving house is mandatory.

The amount of $ 10 is actually the price of the house without the land surrounding it. The developer must build 8 houses there, therefore obliging the new owner to uproot the mansion and move it at least 400m.

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars it will take for the renovation of the luxurious home, including the elimination of lead paint and asbestos.

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Best of all, you will have to keep all the “beautiful” historical decorations, as the commission for preserving heritage objects requires! So if you dreamed of a historic house in New Jersey, you forget and quickly!

  • Bannerman’s Castle.

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Bannerman Island, located in the Hudson River in New York, hides a magnificent abandoned castle and has been for several years.

Only here, the castle is, in reality, a set of hangars that a certain Scotsman, named Francis Bannerman VI who came to the United States, had built to store his collection of weapons, ammunition, and other military objects. The latter were mainly from the Civil War and the Cuban War.

The island is currently closed to the public.

Francis then gave his hangars the exterior appearance of a castle and added a residence for him and his family for their holidays.

When he died in 1918, the castle and the hangars were emptied. Two years later, 90 kg of shells and powder exploded in an auxiliary structure, destroying a large part of the complex process.

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Today, the castle is in ruins, and the island has become a victim of vandalism, although it is closed to the public because of the stones falling from the walls. Therefore, it is one of the houses that no one wants to buy, even at a low price!

Add to this that the water threatens to destroy the seeming partitions that support it, and no navigation dares to approach it. Only the destroyed castle’s silhouette remains, which tries as best it can stand proudly on the small wooded island.

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