Bush, Obama, and Clinton will receive the Corona vaccine directly in front of the cameras


Former US presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton said they were ready to get coronavirus vaccines directly in front of the cameras in order to build public confidence in the vaccine’s safety, as 42 percent of Americans said they would not take it.

During an interview with the “Sirius XM,” network, Obama said he wanted people to know that he trusted the ability of the vaccine, adding: “I will receive the vaccination directly in front of television screens or I may photograph the process and share it with people so they know that I have confidence in science and confidence.”
In the same context, Bush’s chief of staff, Freddy Ford, told CNN that the former president spoke to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief expert in infectious diseases in the United States, and Dr. Deborah Birx, a White House adviser on the Coronavirus, to find out what could be done to help promote For the vaccine.
Ford confirmed that Bush had said he would stand in line to get the vaccine and “would be happy to do so in front of the cameras.”
Bill Clinton’s spokesperson, Angel Orena, said the former president “will definitely get the vaccine.”
Orena told CNN: “President Clinton will definitely take the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, based on the priorities set by public health officials, and he will do so in a public place and in front of the cameras if that helps induce all Americans to do the same thing.”
And in opinion polls, many Americans have complained about receiving the vaccine, which they say was manufactured very quickly, as US officials prepare for a massive vaccination operation reminiscent of the polio campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s.

Yesterday evening (Wednesday), the United States recorded the death of over 2,700 people from the Coronavirus within 24 hours, in a daily toll that is the highest ever since the beginning of April, according to data published by Johns Hopkins University.
The data showed the university, which is considered a reference in tracking the injuries and deaths caused by the pandemic Kovid – 19 that between 20:30 pm Tuesday and 20:30 pm on Wednesday (00:30 GMT Thursday), the United States recorded 2731 deaths and over 195 thousand New infections with the virus.

Source: aawsat


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