A nightclub and a cloak to hide her puffed chest .. New to the scandal of Salma El-Shimi


Egypt’s security services managed to arrest the Egyptian model Salma El-Shimi, only 8 hours after her daring filming session, which was known as “The Session Sakar Girl.”

Local media reported that using modern technical means, the security services could locate Salma Al-Shimi, and officers targeted her and arrested her.

The police also arrested the photographer of the photo session after targeting him at his home in Helwan.
Security sources indicated that female officers also arrested 4 administrators and two inspectors; To neglect them in their work tasks.
“Masrawy” newspaper quoted well-informed sources at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities saying that a worker recognized her in a nightclub. And they agreed to shoot a photo session in the ancient Saqqara area. The model arrived, accompanied by 3 people, led by the photographer who took pictures of her in front of the Saqqara pyramid, the grandstand.

And the sources added, they agreed that the model should wear a black cloak while entering the archaeological area gate so as not to attract attention. Then remove it when you reach the photo session site, which is about 3 km from the main gate of the archaeological site.
Indeed, Salma Al-Shimi arrived at the filming site and paid for tickets for a regular visit, not tickets for a photo session, last Wednesday afternoon. The model took a large number of photographs in various places in front of the Saqqara pyramid. Some of the videos were published, one of the two days after filming.
CCTV cameras detected Salma Al-Shimi removing her abaya, and the cameraman started the filming session, in addition to recording a two-minute video. Al-Shimi published the photos and videos on its social media accounts.

And as soon as everyone finished filming after 4 hours, they left after the model wore the same gown that it came in. To publish one picture two days after the shooting incident, and Salma El-Shimi commented on it, saying: “Urgently, the Queen Malpantiti was found, whose origins are from the ungrateful family.”
And the spread of “bold” pictures of Salma El-Shimi wearing a Pharaonic costume next to the pyramid of Djoser, which sparked great controversy.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities filed against Salma Al-Shimi and her photographer a memorandum that included an accusation that they stormed an archaeological place without permission and photographed in unofficial times. In addition to using the archaeological sites and filming “Footsation Mapleite” videos and pictures without paying the photography fees of 5,000 pounds.
The director of the Saqqara Archaeological Zone, Muhammad Yusef Awyan, considered that the photo session violated Egyptian customs, customs, and traditions.

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