A Chinese TV star faces charges of sexual harassment of a trainee


In China, an unfamiliar trial began on Wednesday in which a TV star faces charges of harassing an intern in 2014, alleging that he forcibly accepted her.

Chu Chowxwin, 27, caused a storm on social media in 2018 by accusing small-screen star Xu Jin of touching her while she was a trainee in the official CCTV television.

The case caused a sensation because of its coincidence with the “# Me Too” “Me Too “movement, although the campaign against sexual harassment was largely suppressed in China, where the communist regime tightly controls the media.

“Whether we win the lawsuit, this case is important,” Zhu Zhaoxuen told AFP on Wednesday, ahead of the closed session at the Beijing court.

“If we lose, the issues we raised will be recorded in history, and someone should answer them,” she added.

The first Chinese civil law passed last May broadened the definition of sexual harassment, but many women who have experienced it are still reluctant to file complaints, and it is rare for a case involving well-known figures to reach justice.

Chu Chaouchen told AFP that she and a married couple were alone in the dressing room of the TV station in 2014, so he asked her if she wanted to continue working in the network before he started touching her.

Source: Al-Jazira online

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