Under one condition, Biden intends to launch new negotiations with Iran


US President-elect Joe Biden confirmed to the “New York Times” that he intends to quickly launch new negotiations with Iran, “in consultation” with Washington’s allies, but only after the United States returns to the nuclear deal, from which Donald Trump withdrew.

In an interview Tuesday evening with the well-known writer of the article in the American newspaper, Thomas Friedman, published Wednesday, Biden confirmed the position he announced before the presidential elections on the third of November.

In September, Biden said in an article that if Tehran “respects again” the restrictions imposed on its nuclear program in the international agreement concluded in 2015, Washington will in turn return to the agreement “as a starting point” for “follow-up” negotiations.

In response to the journalist’s question whether the president-elect is still in his position, Biden said: “It will be difficult, but yes.”

He added that “the best way to achieve some stability in the region” is to pay attention to the Iranian “nuclear program.” He made it clear that if Tehran acquired the nuclear bomb, there would be a race for nuclear arms in the Middle East, which is “the last thing we need in this part of the world.”

Returning to the agreement would mean lifting the stringent sanctions imposed by Trump since his withdrawal from the agreement in 2018. In response to these sanctions, Iran gradually rolled back its nuclear pledges.

Biden announced that only after Washington and Iran returned to the agreement, “in consultation with our allies and partners, we will launch negotiations and follow-up agreements to tighten and extend the nuclear restrictions imposed on Iran and to address Iran’s missile programs.”

The American newspaper stated that the new administration would seek during these negotiations to extend the period of restrictions on Tehran’s production of fissile material, which may be used to build a nuclear bomb, and to address the activities of Tehran and its allies in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

The newspaper stated that Biden wants to expand the talks to include countries that did not sign the 2015 agreement (the United States, China, Russia, France, Germany, Britain, and Iran), including countries neighboring Tehran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

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