The son of Maradona demands Messi to give up the number ten in Barcelona and the Argentine national team


One of the sons of the late Argentine legend, Diego Armando Maradona, asked Lionel Messi to give up his number 10 shirt, either in the Argentine national team or in his Barcelona team, in honor of his father.

Maradona bid farewell to life last week, at the age of 60, after a busy career that made him one of the greatest footballers in history, if not the greatest.

At the same time, he represented several clubs during his time in the stadiums, namely Boca Juniors and Newell’s Old Boys, the Argentinians, Barcelona and Seville, the Spaniards, and Italian Napoli addition to his leadership of the Argentine national team.

Maradona’s son: Messi’s honor to my father made me cry

Messi currently carries the number 10 shirt in Barcelona and the Argentina national team, which is the same shirt that Maradona wore in his time. At the same time, his son Diego demanded that all shirts are worn by his father be removed.

Young Diego said, according to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”: “I think that his shirt should be withheld in all the teams he played in, including Barcelona, ​​I have no doubt,” referring to the need for Messi to abandon his shirt.

Maradona’s son pointed out that he was affected by the celebration. Messi honored his father after scoring in the Osasuna net when he took off his shirt to show underneath the Newell’s Old Boys shirt, his childhood club represented by the legend Maradona during his life.

Young Diego explained, “Maradona’s gesture affected me a lot, it was very emotional days, what Leo did was special and very nice, it affected me a lot and made me cry.”

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