The New York Times: Biden intends to keep Christopher Ray as director of FBI


The New York Times quoted a senior official in the administration of US President-elect Joe Biden as saying that the Democratic president will not remove Christopher Wray from his position as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) if he remains in office when he takes office.

The newspaper, citing the official, reported that the Biden team would not fire the FBI director unless Trump said.

The Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

Asked whether Trump maintains full confidence in Ray, White House spokeswoman Kylie McCannani said the president had made no assessments in her presence on the issue.

Ray, who was appointed by Trump in 2017 to replace sacked director James Comey, has faced repeated criticism from the Republican president, especially in the run-up to the November 3 presidential election, which he lost to Biden.

Ray told lawmakers in September that he saw no evidence of a concerted nationwide effort to manipulate the vote, undermining the Republican leader’s unfounded offensive on mail-order ballots.

Source: alghad tv

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