Saint-Germain takes revenge on United and drops him with a hat-trick at Old Trafford


Paris Saint-Germain decided its position with Manchester United, beating it (3-1) this evening, Wednesday, at the summit hosted by Old Trafford, in the fifth round of the group stage of the European Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain scored a hat-trick, Neymar in the two minutes (6-91) and Marquinhos in the 69th minute, while Marcus Rashford scored United’s only goal 32nd minute.

With that result, Saint-Germain raised its score to 9 points in first place in Group H, while United stuck at 9 points in second place. The

first half

and Saint Germain opened the scoring early in the sixth minute, after an incursion by Mbappe in the rear-ended with a shot from the edge of the penalty area, clashed with Manchester’s defenses paved before Neymar, who shot a powerful ball that landed De Gea’s net.

Paris Saint-Germain almost added the second goal in the tenth minute, with a powerful shot from Florenzi from the edge of the penalty area, which De Gea was brilliant in facing.

And the first appearance for Manchester United came in the 16th minute, with a weak shot from Marcus Rashford from outside the penalty area, which Keylor Navas grabbed easily.

Neymar tried to surprise David de Gea with a scissor shot from inside the penalty area in the 17th minute, but it went into the arms of the Spanish goalkeeper.

Saint-Germain demanded that the red card be shown in Farid’s face in the 22nd minute, after beating Paredes without a ball, but the referee settled with the yellow card after returning to the mouse technique.

Manchester United returned to form the danger again in the 26th minute, after Scott McTominay lifted a cross from a corner kick, hitting a header that Navas caught.

United succeeded in adjusting the score in the 32nd minute after Rashford hit the ball from the edge of the penalty area, clashed with Danilo and changed direction Navas’ fallacy and caught the net to end the first half (1-1).

Second half 

Manchester missed a realized opportunity to score in the 49th minute. After Rashford wonderfully exchanged the ball with Cavani, to pass the ball to Marcel completely free of supervision into the penalty area, but the French strangely hit the crossbar.

Manchester United continued wasting opportunities after Cavani was alone in Navas in a quick counterattack in the 57th minute. Hence, the Uruguayan preferred to hit a dropped ball from the edge of the penalty area that collided with the crossbar.

Paris Saint-Germain almost scored the second goal in the 64th minute, after Florentine sent a perfect cross from the left side of the penalty area, Marquinhos raised her header, which hit the crossbar as well.

Neymar passed a wonderful ball to Bakker on the left side of the penalty area in the 68th minute, and the latter fired a ball that David De Gea starred in, sending it to a corner kick.

Saint Germain added the second goal in the 69th minute after Neymar sent a cross from a corner kick that United’s defense had left, so Herrera followed the ball at the edge of the penalty area with a powerful shot that changed Diallo’s direction to reach Marquinhos to score the ball in the net.

Manchester United’s suffering increased in the 71st minute, after Fred got the second yellow card, and then the red card after a reckless intervention on Herrera.

In the 78th minute, Herrera fired a ball from outside the penalty area above the crossbar. Pogba was close to adjusting the score in the 80th minute after Maguire gave Bubba a header at the edge of the penalty area to hit the bird just above the bar.

Harry Maguire and hit a ball from inside the penalty area in the 84th minute, which collided with the defenses of Paris Saint-Germain, and Bruno followed it with a header that was caught by Keylor Navas.

And from a quick counterattack, Mbappe started by the midfield in the 89th minute until he reached the penalty area, to shoot a ball that passed shortly to the side of the post.

Paris fired the bullet of mercy by scoring the third goal in the 91st minute after Ravinia passed a ball from inside the penalty area to Neymar in front of the empty net from her goalkeeper. The Brazilian scored easily and ended the meeting with Paris winning (3-1).

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