Officially, FIFA announces that Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Golden Foot award


The International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” announced this evening, Wednesday, that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian Juventus team player, won the Golden Foot award for 2020.

“Cristiano Ronaldo won The Golden Foot award for the year 2020,” FIFA said in an official statement.

Ronaldo joins the record of winners of the Golden Foot award

…”The award has been presented annually since 2003, and the winner is chosen by public vote from among 10 candidates, and a player can only win the prize once in his career,” FIFA said in its statement.

The International Federation reviewed the list of players winning the award since 2003, knowing that Lionel Messi, the Barcelona icon, has never won the award so far.

The following is the record of the Golden Foot award winners since 2003:

2003 – Baggio

2004 -Needved

2005 – Shevchenko

2006 – Ronaldo Nazario

2007 – Del Piero

2008 – Roberto Carlos

2009 -Ronaldinho

2010 – Totti
2011 – Giggs

2012 – Zlatan

2013 – Drogba

2014 – Iniesta

2015 – ITO

2016 – Buffon

2017 – Casillas

2018 – Cavani

2019 – Modric

2020 – Cristiano.

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