Indonesia on alert, the Semera volcano has erupted


The Semera volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Java on Tuesday, forcing some 500 residents to evacuate.



A man wearing a face mask stands near the smoke of volcanic materials from Semeru volcano in Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia, December 2, 2020. According to the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency, about 550 people fled home as the Semeru volcano on Indonesia’s main Java Island released incandescent lava and hot clouds on early Tuesday. The volcano, located in the Lumajang district of the East Java province, erupted at 1:23 a.m. local time on Tuesday. Photo by Bayu Novanta / Xinhua / Newscom / ABACAPRESS.COM Eruption Volcanique Volcanic eruption Volcan Volcano | 749440_004 Lumajang Indonésie Indonesia

Hot ashes fell on the heads of Indonesians on Tuesday. On the island of Java (southwest), the Semeru volcano erupted, spewing lava and throwing hot ash several kilometers high.

Some 500 people had to evacuate their homes temporarily as footage showed cattle dead in lava flows as well as still-smoldering lava debris carried by a nearby river. According to local media, no individual was injured.

The head of the local agency for emergency relief organization Agus Torino warned residents to remain vigilant, the heavy rains threatening to trigger new flows.

People stand near a road blanketed with volcanic ash from the erupting Mount Semeru in Lumajang, East Java Province, Indonesia, December 2, 2020, in this photo taken by Antara Foto / Umarul Faruq / via REUTERS. ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY THIRD PARTY. MANDATORY CREDIT. INDONESIA OUT.
  • Two eruptions in less than a week

This eruption occurs three days after the one that occurred on Sunday at Mount Lewotolok in the eastern Sunda Islands (East), which caused no injuries or damage. About 6,000 residents had to take refuge in shelters, and the local airport had been temporarily closed.

Indonesia is home to around 130 active volcanoes due to its position on the “Ring of Fire,” one of the three most significant earthquake activity areas on the planet.

At the end of 2018, a volcano in the strait between Java and Sumatra’s islands had erupted, causing an underwater landslide and triggering a tsunami that killed more than 400 people.

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