In pictures, Juventus shows in a trio of Dynamo Kiev


Juventus won an easy victory over Dynamo Kyiv, with the score (3-0), in the match that brought them together at the Allianz Stadium, in the framework of the fifth round of the group stage in the European Champions League.

And the goals of Juventus were Federico Chiesa (21), Cristiano Ronaldo (57), and Alvaro Morata (66).

With this victory, Juventus raised its score to 12 points in second place in the group behind leaders Barcelona (15), and Dynamo Kyiv stuck at one point in third place.

Barcelona and Juventus had secured qualification for the round of 16 from the last round, so the Old Lady’s team’s task was easy in front of its guest.

Juventus quickly entered the match’s atmosphere, and Chiesa almost advanced to Juve with a first goal in the first minutes after he received the ball and fired a powerful shot from outside the area that passed by the post of Pushkin, Dynamo Kyiv goalkeeper.

And from a corner kick for Juventus in the 17th minute, Weston McKinney raised the Juventus midfield and met the corner with a header that enabled the goalkeeper to block it and keep it away from his own goal.

The progress goal

and Kiza managed to score the first goals in the 21st minute. After a perfect cross from Alex Sandro from the left, Kiza raised her over the defenders of Dynamo Kyiv to hit the ball with a header that clears the net.

And the crossbar stood against Ronaldo in the 30th minute, after he found the ball in front of him inside the penalty area to fire a rocket-propelled grenade towards the goal, hitting the crossbar and out of the goal, depriving Juventus of a second goal.

The first chance for Dynamo Kyiv came in the 40th minute. It almost announced the equalizer had it not been for Chesney’s brilliance, the Juventus goalkeeper, after a cross that Rodriguez prepared wonderfully for Sejankov, who hit a strong ball, the brilliance of the Juventus goalkeeper and kept it brilliantly, to maintain the progress of his team.

Ronaldo’s imprint

At the start of the second half, Chesney continued his brilliance and deprived Dynamo Kyiv of the opportunity to achieve a goal; after Vitaly Mykolitko hit a strong and surprising shot that passed over, everyone succeeded in dealing with it and keeping it away from his goal.

Ronaldo tried to add the second goal of the Bianconeri, and in the 55th minute, the Don fired a powerful shot from inside the area, which the goalkeeper sent away with a fist to a corner.

Ronaldo was finally able to score his first goal in the match and the second for Juventus in the 57th minute, after a cross passed by Chiesa, to remove the goalkeeper in the wrong way and hit Morata and head into the net before Ronaldo touched it and inhabited it himself.

Chiesa continued his brilliance in the match and made the third goal for Juventus in the 66th minute, after he passed the ball to Morata inside the area, dodging the Spanish striker, Dynamo Kyiv defender, and putting the ball into the net with a low shot.

Substitute Carlos Peña, who participated in the second half with Dynamo Kyiv, tried to reduce it. In the 88th minute, he fired a powerful shot from outside the area, which passed safely to Cerny’s goal.

And from Kulusievski’s mistake in keeping the ball, Shaparenko got the ball and penetrated and fired a powerful ball towards the goal. The goalkeeper sent away for a corner in the final seconds end the match with a 3-0 victory for Juve.


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