A tiger sneaks trying to attack a dog in Russia … video


A tiger approached a roadside café in the Khabarovsk region, attempting to attack the café-owner’s dog, sparking fears among residents.


An eyewitness said, “The tiger tried to enter the dog’s house, but the opening was small for its head … He looks in my direction. This is not good.” The tiger attacked the area’s dog, but the latter fled.

The man tried to frighten the animal by pressing the horn, but this did not help. And the people who were near the place at that moment took refuge in the cafe and did not leave until the tiger returned to the forest.

Later, the Tigers’ center director explained that the litter near the café attracts stray dogs, which attracts predators. The owner of the café has been alerted about how to store the waste.

Source: sputnik news

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