A swarm of bees causes chaos at an airport … Video


A swarm of bees caused chaos at the Indian “Kolkata” airport this week, paralyzing some aircraft for two days, and causing two flights to be delayed.

A large swarm of bees on the body of an airplane

A beehive that causes chaos at an airport

A large swarm of bees first appeared on the body of a plane last Sunday, when it stopped for some time in the hangar before passengers boarded and packed their luggage.

Firefighting teams at the Indian airport intervened to spray the plane with water after a swarm of bees prevented the crew and passengers from entering the plane, which caused the flight to be delayed for several hours until the problem was solved.

But the airport workers were shocked the next day by the appearance of the squadron for the second time, but on another plane, as workers prevented emptying luggage from work and caused a big problem which called the firefighting teams to intervene, and also caused the flight to be delayed.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, a spokesperson for the airline said that the bees appeared for the first time at around 4 pm on November 29, and we’re gathering on the side of a “Vissrata” plane bound for Delhi.


The next day, a herd of bees invaded a flight that was scheduled to leave for Port Blair Airport around 10:30 in the morning.

It is not clear until now the real reason swarms of bees congregate so densely.

Source: sputnik news

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