“A machine gun that can be controlled remotely” .. Does it exist? A former Israeli official explains to CNN


New York, USA (CNN) – Israeli experts in security and intelligence affairs have commented on the Iranian narrative about killing a nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, with a remote-controlled weapon.

Nitzan Norell, the former head of Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau, told CNN: “It is (remote weapons systems) that we already have in the army … we have a machine gun that can be controlled remotely, and we have observation points around Gaza, for example, equipped with the ability to fire and control it remotely.”

Regarding the use of such a system in the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist, an Israeli security expert, who preferred not to be named due to the sensitivity of the subject, said: “I do not think that a remote-controlled weapon was used there (in Iran). It implemented that and the extent of penetration of agents inside the country, “noting that carrying out an assassination operation” is not a fiction, it is a good idea. ”

The expert added, “In general, this (remote weapon) can be effective in certain circumstances. You solve the problem of approaching the target, and it is accurate enough, and you can train it enough to reach a stable position when there is a lot of movement.”.

Experts explained to CNN that this technology is not far-fetched, except that they doubted that such a sensitive and accurate operation could have been carried out remotely. Three experts said that implementing a remote operation certainly has its pros, but it carries more risk factors and limited scope for error.

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