The release of the owner of the Pharaonic dress, Salma El-Shimi, and a fine

Salma El-Shimi

Egyptian media reported, Tuesday evening, that the Public Prosecution in southern Giza ordered the release of the model Salma El-Shimi, who was known in the media as “the Pharaonic dress girl” and her photographer, with a financial bail of one thousand pounds each, after they were accused of filming in the ancient Saqqara area without a license.

The release of the model and the photographer, after the pictures they took in the ancient pyramids area, sparked widespread controversy on social media after they were considered “scandalous footage.”

According to the Egyptian “Al-Ahram Gate” website, investigations revealed that the model and the photographer headed to the Saqqara area, where they bought 3 regular entry tickets.

The source added that Al-Shimi entered with a black cloak over the costume of Queen Cleopatra, before taking pictures in the Pharaonic dress during a 15-minute photo session.

Al-Shimi confirmed during the investigations she entered the site naturally and was not aware of the need to get a license.

The prosecution charged the model and the photographer with filming without a permit in the archaeological area of ​​Saqqara.

The security forces arrested Al-Shimi and the photographer who photographed her in the ancient Saqqara area on Monday.

In the preliminary investigations, it was stated that the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mustafa Waziri, ordered an investigation into the fashion model taking pictures in the Saqqara area while wearing the costume of King Cleopatra, in a “vulgar” manner.

Waziri said that when someone submits a request to photograph inside the region, all aspects of the subject must be viewed, in terms of the location of the shoot, and the clothes that will be worn during the photo session.

Source: Sky News

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